Ride Like an All-Star, Duh!

Guest Blog Post: Keith Lumpp & Astro Araujo, Limos.com

There are plenty of things to love about October, including harvest time, Halloween and most places are finally cooling off from summer. However, what excites us most here at Limos.com is the gluttony of sporting events we have to mindlessly entertain us.

Keith & Astro, Limos.com Resident Sports Experts

From the Major League Baseball (MLB) and Major League Soccer (MLS) playoffs, to the National Football League (NFL) and National Basketball Association (NBA) jumping into full swing, there aren’t many better months for sports than October.

With all of the different sporting events in October and throughout the year, we at Limos.com encourage you to consider taking a black car to your favorite team’s next game. Here are some benefits to riding in style:

  1. Relax – Taking a black car to a sporting event is the least stressful way to get there. And Limo.com makes is easy to book an affordable and trusted ride – both online and from your smartphone. By riding in a black car, you’re letting the driver worry about traffic and parking. You’re also avoiding the large, and sometimes hostile crowds associated with public transportation. So relax and arrive in style.
  2. Ride Like an All-Star – You might not be playing in the game or sitting court side with Jack Nicholson or Spike Lee, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get there in your very own “private luxury box”. You’ll feel like one of your favorite athletes pulling up to the venue without breaking the bank to get there. Go ahead, player, roll down the window and sign some autographs!
  3. Make it a Party – A game is the perfect excuse to gather a group of friends and have some fun. Start the pre-game celebration the moment you get into the ride. Have a few beverages during the game, and be assured that you have a designated driver waiting for you in front of the venue once the game is over.

Whether you’re a Limos.com regular or a newbie looking to book your first ride with us, October is the perfect time to join the #RideRevolution.


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